Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential workplace service that employers pay for and is free to employees. Counselling services provided by an EAP help employees manage life-stressors of all kinds. An EAP can help employees stay focused on their duties at the workplace, keep productivity and performance high, and genuinely improve the employee’s well-being in the process.

EAP counsellors provide short term support (between 4-6 sessions) to employees and are independent of the company delivered in a location convenient to the employee. The counsellor may offer resources, and referrals to assist employees and their family members. Any EAP benefits received by employees or family members remain confidential. This means that while the employer pays for the service, they have no insight into an employee’s specific use of the service. Types of issues employees typically bring to EAP counselling include mental health, stress, depression, substance abuse, financial concerns, relationship and family issues, workplace well-being, and legal matters. 

BayWellbeing is offering EAP programs to medium-sized businesses in Southern Sydney - the St George area, Sutherland Shire and Eastern Suburbs. We are priced competitively and offer sessions to employees within a few days of contact. If you are a Manager or HR Manager interested in discussing our EAP services please contact Kristen Bayliss directly on 0412 284 511.