ADHD and Child Behaviour Issues

ADHD can manifest with or without hyperactivity or Behaviour Disorders. Most children with ADHD can be well behaved and polite and are beautiful children of normal intelligence and many have above average intelligence. However, they can often be overly inattentive and be easily distracted, they can be fidgety and may tend to make impulsive mistakes. The media often concentrates on presenting mostly the hyperactive children with associated behaviour disorders as representative of ADHD. However, there is the inattentive subtype which presents quite differently to the overtly difficult behaviours, however, can affect performance at school and in life.

BayWellbeing therapists can help children with ADHD and Behaviour Issues using a combination of talk therapy and cognitive behavioural skills to focus on building their emotional awareness, ability to express themselves particularly when angry or upset and to lengthen their attention span. The child or young person is engaged through age appropriate games and activities. The child, along with their parents can guide the areas to be focused on such as building friendships, dealing with disappointment, building memory and attention skills. improving confidence and self-esteem.