Personal Development
Self Esteem & Confidence

Are you doing ok in life and just feel you could be doing better? Are you looking for that promotion but keep getting in the final two but no further?  Are you coasting in a relationship that is not satisfying, but you just can’t make a decision about whether to leave? Do you know you have more potential in life but don’t know where to start with accessing it and moving forward?

BayWellbeing therapists can assist with a variety of interventions that help clients zero in on values-based goals and set tasks towards creating the life they want and will love. We draw on the philosophies of ACT - Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Seligman’s Learned Optimism and Coaching Psychology. Our therapists assist with building skills such as goal setting, challenging negative beliefs, dealing with obstacles and setbacks, tolerating strong or difficult emotions, and many others to keep you on track to achieving your best life. For example, perhaps getting that promotion involves improving performance at interviews or networking skills within the company, we can assist with growing self-belief (challenging negative thoughts, tuning out from unhelpful self-talk,  instruction and practice in speaking confidently, visualising success) and the confidence required to be taken seriously and your ensure your contribution is visible.

Self-esteem is one aspect of an overall positive mindset (thoughts and feelings about the self) which contributes to not only good mental health but also success in life. BayWellbeing therapists help by first tracing the origins of negative thoughts about self.  We can help with long or short term interventions, depending on what are assessed to be the main drivers of negative self-belief. 

For example, a client who grew up in a nurturing environment and has maintained good friendships and jobs for years but was made redundant and had difficulty finding new employment may report a negative view of self and confidence  following many failed attempts. Helping this client weigh up realistic evidence about the state of the job market so they can externalise the cause of the ongoing unemployment in addition to helping them recall their positive qualities and contributions would likely rebuild their formerly strong self-esteem quickly.  

For someone having grown up with many challenges and long-term negative self-belief,  this is unlikely to be sufficient and the therapist would work with them on the source of those beliefs, and through the development of trust and nurture in the therapeutic relationship, the client becomes able to find compassion and nurture for themselves.

Kristen Bayliss is also qualified in the administration of and consulting with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  You may have done an online quiz and have some understanding of your personality type, and Kristen is able to verify the results with the full questionnaire and provide professional feedback on results and give advice on areas for personal development as suggested by the Indicator. You will see clearly why you have been successful in certain areas of life and may be flailing in others, and highlights the types of skills needed to be built or areas to focus on to build a more fulfilling life.

personal development