Adult Psychological Treatment

Psychological treatment can be distinguished from psychotherapy.  Although there is much overlap (they are both talk therapy, both involve raising awareness of the underlying causes of negative patterns and utilising this knowledge to make changes in emotion, thoughts and behaviours), there are differences in focus.  We make this distinction so that our clients are aware of their options for treatment and can choose clearly which approach they would like to take to tackle their issues. 

Psychological treatment is based on approaches such as Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behaviour therapy.  These approaches tend to focus on here-and-now problems, are structured and oriented toward clear goals and outcomes and are mainly skills based.  They work well with clearly defined current issues such as panic attacks or a recent one off major episode of depression, although can work with any issue.

Some clients prefer these goal oriented, structured, skills-based modalities because it suits their personal style or their concerns have developed recently rather than being long term in nature and are well-defined. Some systems under which we work including the Worker’s Compensation and CTP systems require us to work in these goal-focused time-limited ways. 

At BayWellbeing we are flexible and all therapists are trained in the variety of approaches.  In the initial meeting, along with talking about your concerns and challenges, your therapist will provide feedback on their understanding of the issues and the causes and will invite you to discuss your preferred focus, approach and goals of therapy.

psychological treatment