Grief and Loss

“Love is really the only thing we can possess, keep with us and take with us.”Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Loss of a loved one is a human experience we will all be faced with at some point. Grief involves intense emotion and a range of confusing experiences such as forgetting about the loss for a short time, anger at other unrelated issues and sleep disturbance. When the loss is expected and fits with our usual expectation of the cycle of life, such as losing a grandparent in their late 80’s who has lived a full productive life, grief can be smoothly passed through. 

If the loss is sudden, unexpected, traumatic, or involves a young person it is much more difficult to process and reconcile. Where the relationship has been fraught and there has not been an opportunity to reconcile differences, the person is left with “unfinished business” and often feelings of guilt, remorse and anger.

BayWellbeing therapists are highly experienced in providing grief counselling and work from a client-centred, humanistic perspective, supporting clients with the space to process emotion, make sense of the loss, and process any “unfinished business”.  The goal is to move toward acceptance at the client’s pace and to find ways to commemorate the person and honour the relationship in the here and now.

Grief and loss