Hayley Yi

Hayley Yi

Registered Psychologist

Hayley is a registered psychologist providing mental health therapy for children and young adults aged 3-18 who are experiencing turmoil or ambivalence adjusting to parental divorce, family disputes, domestic violence and social alienation.

Hayley has provided effective treatment for children and youth with high functioning autism, social anxiety, ADHD, gender dysphoria gaming addictions and explosive anger through building a safe space for their pain and emotions providing relevant training in emotional literacy, social skills and self-efficacy through interactive play sessions. Support for parents is provided through feedback sessions to evaluate progress towards treatment goals, revise goals and advise specific recommendations.

Hayley also provides evidence based mental health treatment to adults tailored to better manage their anxiety, depression, stress and personality difficulties, particularly the dark triad (Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy). Hayley provides relationship therapy for couples and families from Culturally and Linguistically diverse backgrounds drawing from a hybrid of interpersonal relationship frameworks using specific conversational and conflict-resolution methodologies through activities, structured sessions and take-home strategies.

Hayley has specialisations in providing therapy to clients from the deaf and hearing impaired community through AUSLAN and also provides Christian worldview counselling.

Hayley aims to equip the individual to disarm the power of their negative thought patterns and restore healthy emotional balance and optimise their wellbeing. Hayley provides practical strategies to empower self-confidence, resilience, mental flexibility and personal leadership. Hayley’s therapeutic style is compassionate yet analytical and communication style is gracefully honest, adjusted to the client to steer them towards growth and enjoyment of life.

Hayley is Medicare and SIRA accredited. AHPRA # PSY0002030475