Valentina Dimevska

Registered Psychologist

Valentina is a registered psychologist with several years of psychological experience gained primarily from working within government departments such as the developmental disability sector, Health and Family and Community Services.

Through her own life experience growing up in within a multi-cultural community as a first generation migrant from a Macedonian background to raising three daughters who are strong and successful women to a journey of self-discovery embracing spiritual development, Valentina has developed a deeper understanding of human nature and the power of connecting to one's own inner strength or spirit.

Valentina has learnt to appreciate that individuals possess an inner
strength and wisdom that can play a vital role in their own personal
development and healing. This is known in psychology as a process of
‘self-actualization’, and within this client centred framework, Valentina can incorporate other psychotherapeutic techniques such as cognitive behaviour therapy, brief solution focused therapy and expressive therapy. The goal is to assist clients with their own unique transition through life’s challenges and move them toward balance and healing.

Valentina has experience in psychometric testing covering areas such as cognition, personality, family relations and adaptive functioning. She has designed behavioural intervention programs, and trained staff and family members in using them effectively. She has worked with a multi-disciplinarian health-based team at Royal North Shore hospital, wherethe whole of the individual’s health was supported including their mental, physical, and social wellbeing. She has also run targeted groups for primary school aged children designed to educate, effect change, and offer peer support.
Valentina is accepting of all clients’ needs and is committed to creating a
safe and accepting therapeutic environment. Your wellbeing is her priority.