BayWellbeing is a leading counselling psychology practice based in Ramsgate, NSW. It was established  in 2017 when Kristen Bayliss, our principal, who had been working in the Sutherland Shire for ten years recognised a growing need for psychological services in the nearby St George area with the rapid increase in population and decided to stretch her entrepreneurial wings to open the practice in Ramsgate. 

Since its inception, BayWellbeing has been joined by like minded therapists who utilise their years of training, education and clinical experience to tailor treatment to individual client needs and practice their holistic and eclectic brand of therapy. All therapists have a minimum of four years of university training and two years of on-the-job supervised experience. They are Psychologists registered with AHPRA or Social Workers and Members of AASW. 

The BayWellbeing Vision is to enhance emotional wellbeing and harmony for individuals, couples and families within our community and globally.